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Quality Improvement


Dr Jenny Illingworth is the Interim Lead for Quality Improvement.


St Mary's greatly values the contributions of trainees to quality improvement. From August 2017 all anaesthetic trainees will be allocated dedicated time to support their quality improvement work along with QI training sessions.

For information on starting your QI/Audit project click here.

For any queries relating to quality improvement please contact Dr Jenny Illingworth.


National and Regional QI Projects at St Mary's


PQIP is a national quality improvement project targeting mortality and morbidity following major elective surgery. Dr Jenny Illingworth is the lead for PQIP at St Mary's.

St Mary's is recruiting patients undergoing major Upper & Lower GI procedures.

To get involved with the project at St Mary's contact Dr Jenny Illingworth.


St Mary's contributes to the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit. The departmental lead for the project is Dr Rachel Bartlett.

All patients over 18 years, having a general surgical emergency laparotomy or laparoscopic assisted procedure are eligible.

Please support the project by completing the paper forms or online form (request login by contacting Dr Bartlett). The minimum is to email Dr Rachel Bartlett with a name and hospital number.


Dreamy is a multi-centre observational cohort study of accidental awareness under general anaesthesia in obstetric patients.

English-speaking women, aged >18 years undergoing obstetric surgery with GA are eligible for the study. Recruitment began in May 2017 and is planned for a 12 month period.

Dr Jo Bray is the lead for Dreamy.