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Departmental teaching is held weekly in the Anaesthetic Library. The programme is organised by Dr Alison Knaggs and follows a weekly theme led by one of the Anaesthetic consultants. Trainees will be asked to present topics related to the theme, for example:

4th October Tuesday 14:00-16:00 Paediatrics Dr Justine Lowe Senior Trainee

PA_IK_07 Explains the law as relates to children in respect to consent, restraint and research and the concept of ‘Gillick competence’


 PA_BK_08 Describes management of acute airway obstruction including croup, epiglottitis and inhaled foreign body

Core Trainee

PA_BK_16 Explains the importance of identifying when URTI are/ are not significant and, as a result, when to cancel operations

Teaching is not held on a fixed day so please check your emails for the dates and your teaching allocation.

There is also a weekly Trauma meeting held in the A&E Department on Thursday lunchtimes, 12.45 - 2pm.

Block Ready programme - weekly ultrasound workshops for regional anaesthesia. Tuesdays 5.30pm in Anaesthetic Library, contact Dr Boyne Bellew for more details.