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Quality Improvement


Dr Jenny Illingworth is the department Lead for Quality Improvement.

Trainees are encouraged to undertake Quality Improvement (QI) & audit projects whilst with the department. These projects range from local or regional projects to national audits and research.


QI time is allocated for trainees who have signed up for a project & is half a day per fortnight. Trainees present their projects at local audit meetings & are supported in submitting their work for conference presentations & publications.

Getting Started

  • Think about how much time you have available for the project.
  • For on-going Audit/QI projects we expect that more than one trainee will be involved over a 12 -month period & we will ensure that your work is recognised.
  • For trainees on 3 month placements it should still be possible to complete one audit/QI cycle.
  • All Audits/QI projects need to be registered with Dr Jenny Illingworth.
  • We will support trainees looking to publish their work externally.
  • If you have a particular project in mind that is not on the project list then email Dr Jenny Illingworth to discuss.
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Registering Your Project

  • Sign up to a project – the list is on the anaesthetic library notice board.
  • Once you have signed up then email Dr Jenny Illingworth to be added to the Department’s Audit register.
  • Audit projects also need to be registered with the Trust's audit department, please see below.

Registering An Audit

  • If your project has not been registered with the Trust then you will need to complete an Audit proposal form or Service Evaluation Form (tip these will open as Read only on mobile devices).
  • The forms can also be found on the intranet, search for Clinical Audit.
  • Choose the most appropriate form, i.e. Audit or Service Evaluation & complete. They are smart forms so you need to open in an Edit enabled version of Microsoft Word for the drop down boxes to work.
  • Email the form to the Audit Team & cc Dr Jenny Illingworth. Once approved the audit team will email you confirmation & you can start your data collection.
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Completing Your Project

  • Once you have finished your audit or evaluation you need to complete an Audit Report. These can be found on the intranet in the same place as the Audit Proposal forms (search for Clinical Audit).
  • We would like you complete the report within 4-6 weeks – this means that as a department we can use the data to make positive changes.
  • Your supervisor will be able to help with the report & action plan.