On Calls

Timing for On-calls

Long Days 0800 - 2030, Nights 2000 - 0830.

Who's Who

1201 Senior registrar

1211 Obstetric registrar

1213 Trauma reg between 0730-1730 Monday to Friday

Anaesthetic SHO out of hours and weekends

Responds to pain and recovery calls even during the day

1212 ITU reg

Consultant On-calls

There are two General consultants on call:

1st on - Call first between 9pm and 8am weekdays

2nd on - Call first between 5pm and 9pm weekdays


2nd on call - Call first 8am to 6pm

1st on - Call first 6pm to 8am

Paediatric on-call anaesthetist

Call for age <3 or ASA 3-5


About On-Calls

The on-calls can be very busy and the Anaesthetic consultants will often be in the hospital with you.

If you are holding 1201 you need to be aware of how many clinical areas are running.

The Obs reg is expected to help on the General side but must be free to go to Labour ward at anytime

SHOs cannot intubate alone in A&E unless extreme emergency and the Anaesthetic consultant is on their way in.

1213 Bleep will get pain calls out of hours. The Pain nurse should handover at 1700 and attend morning handover. Handover information is left in Theatre 7 (Emergency theatre).

Other Useful Bleeps

Theatre Co-Ordinator 1655

ODP Co- Ordinator 1651

Trauma ODP 6345

Obstetric ODP 1672

Lindo ODP 1675