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Dr Nathalie Courtois manages the rota for the department & Dr Henry Wydell manages the trainee theatre allocations. St Mary's uses the CLW rota software, you will be sent your username and password.

Once logged in you can see your planned timetable for the week. You can also check the rota for the weeks ahead, your on calls and all forms of leave. A guide to using CLW total can be found here: clw-rota-guide.


St Mary's is a 1:8 on-call rota.



At St Mary's 4 registrars and 2 CT’s can be away at one time. Leave must be requested 6 weeks in advance and should be requested by emailing the Trainee Leave manager,

It will appear on the rota online if it has been approved. If it’s not on the rota it hasn’t been approved.

Sensible swaps only please – no elaborate 3 or 4 ways swaps – it just gets too complicated.

Study Leave

All study leave requests need to be emailed to the College Tutors for Study Leave approval & then will be passed onto the Trainee Leave Manager (Dear Leader).

All applications for funding are made via an  electronic application form.

Two days of private study leave can be taken per recognised exam. It is the lowest priority of leave so may need to be rescheduled if another trainee requests AL or SL for the same slot.

With all leave requests and swaps please check the e-rota to see if it has been transcribed correctly.

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Exception Reporting


After receiving trainee feedback the trust as opted to switch to the ALLOCATE system. You should receive logins and instructions at induction.

The department encourages you to exception report – it helps us highlight the staffing to workload ratio. Dr Rose Dhesi is the consultant anaesthetist in charge of reconciling reports.


You should complete an exception report if you:

  • Are working beyond the hours set out in their work schedule/rota
  • Are missing rest breaks
  • Are missing educational or training opportunities, or if there are inadequate levels of support available to them during a shift

It is expected that exception reports are submitted by trainees within 14 days of the event and reviewed and closed by the reviewer within 14 weeks of submission.