Training at St Mary's

Areas of the Curriculum covered at St Mary's



Trauma, Vascular, Regional (by arrangement) and Bariatrics

Stage 3:

General duties, ICM, Paediatrics, Trauma, Obstetrics, Vascular, Peri-operative Medicine & various optional units.

Stage 2:

Paediatrics, Trauma, General Duties, Ophthalmic, ICM, Peri-operative Medicine, most Acute Pain WPBA and Vascular

Stage 1:

All training units but especially Trauma, Obstetrics (IAOC) & Paediatrics


Initial assessment of competencies (IAC)


Trainee Contacts for St Mary's 


College Tutors

The College Tutors at St Mary's are Dr Alex Wickham & Dr Davina Watson

Please contact them for any training enquiries.

CESR Programme

If you are interested in finding out more about the Imperial CESR programme please contact Dr Emma James

Quality Improvement

If you would like to undertake a quality improvement project at St Mary's please contact Dr Jenny Illingworth

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