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Training Modules

Anaesthetic training modules offered at St Mary's.


Trauma, vascular, upper GI & bariatric


General duties, ICM, paediatrics, trauma, obstetrics, vascular, peri-operative medicine and various optional units


All basic level of training units but especially trauma, obstetrics and paediatrics


Initial assessment of competencies (IAOC)

Planning your training

Please check your emails from your TPDs and be clear which training modules you hope to complete whilst at St Mary’s. When you ask for a module the College Tutors review all the module requests from the trainees. We then allocate a 4 week block where you are preferentially allocated to your training lists


In a 3 month attachment with us you can get two full modules done.

In a 6 month attachment with us you can get four full modules done.


Popular modules at St Mary’s are Intermediate Paediatrics and Trauma. Dr Henry Wydell usually assigns trainees to these lists in blocks to maximise the number of trainees able to complete these modules. If you know you have a period with lots of leave planned, e.g. for exams, please liaise with the College Tutors and Dr Wydell to avoid you missing out on these lists. It may not be possible for all trainees to complete popular modules.

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