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Theatres at St Mary's

There are 5 theatre areas at St Mary's:

  • Main theatres 4th Floor QEQM
  • Day Surgery 5th Floor Mary Stamford 
  • SIC 4th Floor Paterson Building
  • Labour Ward 1st Floor Clarence Memorial
  • Western Eye Hospital, 171 Marylebone Road

Emergency Theatre

0750 team meeting outside Theatre 7 - all surgical specialties should be there

Usually start with ERPCs, then on priority – RCoS

Aim to reduce fasting times, be realistic about timings and give water where possible.

The SHO is on-call in Theatre 7 all day and there will be a Consultant anaesthetist present where possible.

It's helpful if the Night SHO can see first case if quieter on-call.

Trauma Theatre

Trauma meeting 8am Orthopaedic Department, Ground floor, Salton House. Theatre lists for Trauma theatres confirmed at meeting.



Upper GI & Bariatrics