Working at St Mary's


St Mary's uses CLW rota system. Dr Nathalie Courtois is in charge of the overall rota & Dr Henry Wydell assigns trainees to theatre lists.

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To request annual leave please email the Trainee leave manager. Study leave requests need to be approved first by the college tutors. Funding for study leave is via the Trust's on-line form.

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On-calls at St Mary's can be extremely busy but you will be well supported by your consultants.

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If you are unable to come to work please let the department know as soon as possible by contacting 1201 and Mrs Aileen Dowden, the anaesthetic secretary. 

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There are 5 theatre areas at St Mary's and in addition the department provide anaesthetic services to A&E, Interventional Radiology and Endoscopy.

Theatres at St Mary's

Who's Who

There are over 40 Anaesthetic Consultants and around 25 Anaesthetic trainees in the department. Photos are available in the Anaesthetic office!

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