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Work place based Assessments

Completion of Unit of Training Assessors


Dr Ben Graham

Dr Justine Lowe


Dr Shelley Ward

Dr Soo-ming Lim


Dr Virin Sidhu


Dr Helgi Johannsson

Dr Nicholas Gilfillan

Dr Asela Dharmadasa 

Consultant Feedback

To help collect feedback from consultants we ask trainees to complete online feedback forms. Dr Vidhya Nagaratnam will send you your individual Survey Monkey link.

If you are doing one of your training module lists, e.g. Paediatrics, we expect you to complete a feedback form with the consultant for each list. This means you will have enough feedback forms to enable the CUT assessors to sign off your training modules.

It's also important to ask for feedback from other lists/on-calls. You should be completing 1-2 feedback forms per week.

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