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Top Tips

Scrubs: Get your ID card activated for the scrub dispensing machines by any of the Band 7 theatre nurses (bleep 1655). Keep a spare set in your locker.

Theatre lockers are available – see Mrs Aileen Dowden, the anaesthetic secretary for keys. Keys require a returnable £50 deposit & you will need to have completed your joining trainee information paperwork.

Teaching: 2 hour weekly session in Anaesthetic library - check your emails & the timetable as there is no fixed teaching day.

Help: When calling a consultant be clear in the first sentence what you expect of them (e.g. to come in or advice).

Leave: The trainee leave manager is know as “Dear Leader” and can be emailed at marysrotatyrant@gmail.com.

Rota: Check the e-rota carefully for mistakes at least 2 weeks ahead. PLEASE inform Mrs Aileen Dowden & Dr Nathalie Courtois of any errors, especially with any swaps or leave.