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Work place based Assessments

Completion of Unit of Training Assessors


Dr Davina Watson

Dr Ben Graham


Dr Jo Bray

Dr Rachel Bartlett


Dr Sadie Syed

Dr Mike Kynoch


Dr Helgi Johannsson

Dr Alex Wickham


Dr Andrew Hartle

Dr Sarah McNeilly

Consultant Feedback

To help collect feedback from consultants we ask trainees to complete online feedback forms. Dr Rachel Freedman will send you your individual Survey Monkey link.

This link can be activated and presented to any consultant on your phone at the end of any list – aim to have 2 per week and you will have plenty.

CUT sign-off consultants will expect to see a minimum number of SurveyMonkey feedback forms (which they automatically have access to) to ensure the consensus of consultants you have worked with is that you have achieved the requirements for a sign-off.

Contact the relevant CUT sign-off consultant(s) to see how many you need, usually it is 6 per CUT form.


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